Wednesday 24 January 2018
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Steamed Winter Veggies & Rice Recipe Demo

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24 thoughts on “Steamed Winter Veggies & Rice Recipe Demo

  1. Amazonka0409

    Interesting vid, I haven’t thought of combining potatoes and rice- how does
    it digest for you? If I have rice, I need something juicy with it, like
    tomatoes, but maybe I’ll try steamed starches with it sometime. PS: I eat
    those cauliflower leaves!

  2. tulabead

    Angie, I enjoy your recipes. Often I get stumped on what to make. I see
    your videos and I have the stuff but just have not gotten into cooking
    “simply” (but oh so yummy). Your combinations are great. Please keep

  3. EuroKitty33

    I love that you both are so REAL! love the videos and think you are both
    charming, keep it carbed and try to ignore the people who just have to make
    that nasty comment even if it has nothing to do with eating vegan.

  4. MsTejera123

    Having sweet potatoes for dinner right now- squeezed some lemon juice on
    top and no-salt herb mix. Tastes great and my first time having starchy
    veggies with no oil!


    Thats pretty cool, fresh farmers market veggies all winter. You must get
    this alot “California huh?.. must be nice”

    I enjoy the cauliflower greens steamed. It took me a while to figure out
    thats what they were throwing in my steamed veggies on rice at chinese

  6. ZeBeFruity

    sweet video! have i mentioned before how beautiful your teeth are? really
    do you guys ever eat Kabocha squash? looks like a big green pumpkin. omg,
    so good. i eat it every night throughout winter! cubed and steamed. i
    sprinkle nutritional yeast on my veggies.

  7. Debbie Grezik

    Angie I love this video, you may not think it’s worthy of a video but I
    really appreciate it…always looking for new ideas and ways to simplify
    and change things up, love that you shared this….by the way I think your
    hair is fine and you are a sweety…love the Angie B music in your video’s
    too…heading off to check out your celery vid now….take care (:

  8. Vicki S.

    I love your hair color; it doesn’t look “fried.” And you know, if you place
    a towel under your cutting board, it won’t move around when you’re

  9. liquid sunshine

    It is very true! I never ever thought before this high raw low fat vegan
    journey I’m embarking on( raw till 4 pretty much now) that I would ever
    like food without salt or oil. But now I love the taste of my veggies and
    fruits so much I don’t want it on there and if I don’t put it on I feel so
    much better for it..well except for when I feel like Asian inspired dishes
    such as rice with veggies or rice noodles and veggies-I want soy sauce or
    tamari. I’m going to try the low sodium and see if I can break myself of
    this too 🙂 oh that and kimchi. I loved kimchi-but lately the strong garlic
    flavor is overpowering.(never thought that would happen either)


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