Wednesday 24 January 2018
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How to Cook Roasted Chicken (Organic)

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7 thoughts on “How to Cook Roasted Chicken (Organic)

  1. Vcafr0

    That’s not an organic chicken/ free range. That chicken is too thick to be
    organ because natural chickens are lean and skinny looking.

  2. clayvision

    i stuffed it with onions and potatoes, and i also have a roasted chicken i
    stuff with berries, it has a very different flavor that im still toying
    with, i loved stuffed chicken recipies :3

  3. Knifty Mama

    i made this tonight and it was delicious!! i used the lemon slices you
    mentioned and served it up with mashed potatoes and gravy and sauteed
    zucchini with garlic, marjoram, rosemary and oregano. YUM! and the kids
    asked for more!! it’s the first time i’ve cooked chicken where it’s turned
    out juicy with a crispy skin!


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