Friday 15 December 2017
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Heston’s Perfect Crispy Roast Chicken – part 1 – BBC

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22 thoughts on “Heston’s Perfect Crispy Roast Chicken – part 1 – BBC

  1. Zippr

    30 seconds in boiling water wont kill all bacteria, there’s a reason why we
    use autoclaves, 121 degree Celsius for 20 minutes in our lab..

  2. the0utcastVideos

    I started this recipe the day after this video was posted… I’m now
    successfully on step 2. By 2021 I hope to taste this chicken. May God have
    mercy on my stomach and tastebuds.

  3. Cynthia1850

    I would love to try this; however, BBCFood didn’t load part 2 for American
    viewing. I guess it’s back to KFC. I wonder if that would work with a

  4. Wharson Arguelles

    Preposterous! Going into so much stage and into so much trouble just to
    cook a Bird! Jaime Oliver can do better without the scientific
    gibber-jabber. As Genaro Contaldo said: “…when cooking you don’t have to
    be precise… you cook with love” or something like that. 

  5. Justin Leong

    Went through all the trouble and did it exactly like video. Did not turn
    out good at all. It took more than 10 hours until the internal temp finally
    reach 61 Celsius. The skin was soggy and the breast taste like a blob of
    water and meat ( Flavourless). However, if you simply separate the skin
    from the meat. Put salt both inside and outside the chicken, leave it in
    the refrigerator for 12 hours. Preheat the oven to 450F. Rub the whole
    chicken with oil, salt amd black pepper. Bake the chicken for about 45min,
    until the thighs reach 155F. I can assure you the result is 10 times better
    and almost effortless compared to heston’s way 

  6. urizla83

    Id say just follow Thomas Keller’s approach to roasting a chicken, I’ve
    tried both and Thomas’ recipe is quicker, easier and pretty much perfect.


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